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December 14, 2010

Snowmobile Cover Reviews

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New covers are very heavy duty and fit very well. - Don

"New covers are very heavy duty and fit very well." - Don

Besides looking at the fabric quality, strap points, and fit of a snowmobile cover, it helps to hear other customers’ opinions about the product. What they have to say about the snowmobile cover can help you make your decision about which cover to buy.

Here are a few things that our customers have to say about their DuraShield snowmobile covers:

“Nice sled cover! For being a universal fit type of cover this works well on my 162 Mountain Cat. Quality fabric, lots of strap points and fits well once it’s snugged up. Far exceeded my expectations for something costing less than half the price of the factory sled cover from a dealer.”
- “Mtntrix”

“I purchased 2 covers to replace my Polaris covers – new covers are very heavy duty and fit very well – lots of tie down locations. Highly recommend these covers.”
- Don

“Excellent product, well worth the money! Fast shipping. Fits my 2000 Polaris 600 XC.”
- James B.

“Excellent heavy duty cover, would buy this brand of cover again.”
- T. Janski

“This is a quality cover for a great price well made and fits as says.”
- Timothy Vogan

November 24, 2010

Choosing a Snowmobile Cover

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One of the best ways to care for your snowmobile and keep it newer for longer is to protect it with a snowmobile cover. Prolonged exposure to sun, wind, rain, and other elements can wear down the paint and finish, cause moisture damage, and leave your snowmobile covered with dust and dirt. With the protection of a snowmobile cover, you’ll cut down on maintenance and keep your sled looking and running newer. Here are a few tips on how to choose a snowmobile cover.

A snowmobile cover should be thick enough to hold up under exposure to weather.

A snowmobile cover should be thick enough to hold up under exposure to weather.

Finding the right snowmobile cover is about more than just looking for the cheapest price. Covers vary in their thickness, availability of features, and secure fit.

Material Thickness

The cover material should be thick enough to hold up under outdoor exposure. Thick material reduces the risk of tearing the cover on sharp objects or stress points. A high quality snowmobile cover will include reinforcement for stress points to prevent premature wear.

Venting System

In order to prevent moisture damage, the cover should include a venting system to allow moisture to evaporate. With changes in temperature and humidity, condensation can form underneath the cover. If this moisture has no way to escape, it can damage your snowmobile. A good venting system keeps rain from seeping under the cover and allows condensation buildup to evaporate before it can cause damage.

Secure Fit

Although it’s not necessary to purchase a custom cover in order to get a secure fit, the snowmobile cover you buy should fit snugly around the body of your sled. If the cover is too short, it won’t provide full protection. If the cover is too tight, it will create stress points that can tear the cover material. If the cover is too large, it can whip around in the wind. The security of the cover also depends on the strap system, including the number of straps and their placement.

Trailerable Covers

If you want to use the snowmobile cover for trailering, make sure the cover is trailerable. It should be able to hold up under high winds and should include enough straps to secure the cover tightly to the sled.

November 9, 2010

Gift Guide for Motorcycle, ATV, Snowmobile, and Boat Owners

Protective sport vehicle covers are a great gift idea for the motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, and boat enthusiasts in your life. A quality cover will provide protection year round and keep the sport vehicle clean and dry.

Lined Motorcycle Cover

Lined Motorcycle Cover

Gift Ideas for Motorcyclists:

Gift Ideas for ATV Riders:

Trailerable ATV Cover

Trailerable ATV Cover

Gift Ideas for Snowmobilers:

Trailerable Boat Cover

Trailerable Boat Cover

Gift Ideas for Boat Owners and Fishermen:

  • Fish/Ski Boat Cover
  • Trailerable cover protection for V-hull runabouts, fish/ski, and inboard/outboard boats

  • Fishing Boat Cover
  • Trailerable cover protection for 14′ to 16′ fishing boats

  • Pontoon Cover
  • Trailerable cover protection for pontoons 17′ to 28′ long

  • Outboard Boat Motor Cover
  • Protect your investment from weather damage with a 2-25 HP outboard motor cover

  • Jet Ski Cover
  • For PWC / jet ski cover protection from the sun, wind, and rain

November 2, 2010

Snowmobile Trailering Tips

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Tie down the snowmobile cover securely for trailering.

Tie down the snowmobile cover securely for trailering.

Getting your snowmobile to the trailhead is the first step in a long day of fun. Most snowmobilers use a trailer to transport their sleds. The following tips will help you prepare your snowmobile for trailering and make sure it is properly secured.

Loading and Securing the Snowmobile

Before loading the snowmobile, double check the ramp to make sure it is secure. Drive the snowmobile up the ramp and position it over the location where it will be secured. Set the brake on the snowmobile.

Secure the snowmobile to the trailer using the method appropriate for your trailer. Secure the rear of the snowmobile to the trailer with a ratchet-type tie-down strap.

Using a Snowmobile Cover

If you are using an open trailer or truck bed to transport your snowmobile, protect the sled with a trailerable snowmobile cover. The cover should be sturdy enough to withstand high speed travel and should be approved for trailering by the manufacturer.

The DuraShield snowmobile cover includes three triangular panels with straps and metal hooks for securing the cover for trailering. The hooks can be attached to secure points on the snowmobile or trailer.

After securing the cover to the snowmobile, check all straps and hooks and adjust for the proper tension, making sure the cover fits securely on the snowmobile. If the snowmobile cover is not properly secured to the sled, the cover could blow off and cause injury to others. The cover can also be damaged by excessive lofting and whipping around in the wind. Make sure the cover is properly fitted and all straps are tightened before trailering.

Double Checking the Tie Downs

When using a trailerable snowmobile cover, inspect all straps and hooks prior to high speed travel. After driving a short distance (and periodically after that), check and monitor the snowmobile tie-downs and cover tie-downs for tightness.

January 12, 2010

Snowmobile Cover Protection

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Snowmobile covers provide protection against sun, UV rays, rain, snow, and dust.

Snowmobile covers provide protection against sun, UV rays, rain, snow, and dust.

Snowmobile covers are typically made of either nylon or polyester material. Both are high quality fabrics for snowmobile covers. They are strong, lightweight, durable, and easy to care for. However, polyester has an edge over nylon in that it dries faster than nylon because it does not absorb water.


Nylon tends to absorb small amounts of water, which extends the drying time. DuraShield snowmobile covers are made from polyester, which is non-abrasive to protect your paint. Our covers also include a special lining to protect the windshield from scratches.

A quality snowmobile cover will protect your sled from damaging exposure to sun, UV rays, rain, snow, dust, and other elements. It should also be designed to prevent moisture buildup by allowing moisture to evaporate. Dual access rear vents in the DuraShield snowmobile cover allow moisture to escape from underneath the cover and allow the cover to breathe.

If you plan on trailering your snowmobile at all on an open trailer, make sure the cover is trailerable. A trailerable snowmobile cover is specially designed to withstand the forces of high speed travel. A tie down system secures the cover to your snowmobile, and the thicker material resists rips and tears from exposure to the strong wind effect created as you drive on the highway.

January 5, 2010

Snowmobile Covers Just Arrived at!

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New! Deluxe Trailerable Snowmobile Cover

New! Deluxe Trailerable Snowmobile Cover

Our new Deluxe Trailerable Snowmobile Covers just arrived, and just in time for the mid-winter snowmobile season!


These premium trailerable covers come in three different sizes (M, L, XL) for one-person, two-person, and touring and work sleds. Our snowmobile covers fit the most popular makes and models, including Polaris, Arctic Cat, Yamaha, and Ski-Doo.

The DuraShield Deluxe Snowmobile Cover is trailerable for protection on the road, and it makes an excellent storage cover in the garage or outdoors. The 600 denier, thick polyester material is weather resistant, UV coated, and heavy duty for superior protection against the elements.

The scratch-proof hood liner protects your windshield, and the dual rear vents prevent moisture damage by allowing the cover to “breathe.” A zippered gas tank access allows you to fill up on the road.

This snowmobile cover comes with a built-in storage bag, a trailer tie down system, and rear safety markings. The snug-fit elastic hem ensures a secure, semi-custom fit, and the double-stitched seams guarantee the quality of construction.

Better yet, the DuraShield Deluxe Trailerable Snowmobile Cover is backed by a best-in-class Five Year Warranty!

Get yours now at, starting at only $54.99! Always free shipping.

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