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May 3, 2011

Do I Need a Motorcycle Cover?

A motorcycle dust cover keeps dirt and dust off your bike.

A motorcycle dust cover keeps dirt and dust off your bike.

One of the questions we hear motorcycle riders ask is, “Why do I need a motorcycle cover if my bike is stored in the garage?”

If you keep your motorcycle outside, the reasons for a cover are more obvious: protection from rain, dew, dirt, dust, and other elements. But if your motorcycle is pampered enough to earn a spot in the garage or even in the house, you might think you can get by without a cover. But a motorcycle cover still serves an important purpose, even if you store your bike indoors.

Dust and Dirt Protection

After washing and waxing your bike, you’ll want to keep it clean with a motorcycle cover. Dust and dirt can build up on your bike if you don’t protect it. When the garage door opens and closes, it stirs up dust that will settle on your bike, so it’s especially important to keep your motorcycle covered in the garage. During winter storage, a motorcycle cover will keep your bike clean and ready to ride when spring comes again.

Moisture Protection and Humidity

The more humid the environment where you live is, the more breathable your motorcycle cover needs to be. The higher the humidity, the more moisture that builds up underneath the motorcycle cover. With a breathable indoor motorcycle cover (such as 100% cotton), the moisture can escape easily without causing rust or other damage. The cotton cover keeps dirt and dust off your bike but allows condensation to evaporate easily.

March 1, 2011

Protecting Your Motorcycle from Humidity in the Garage

For indoor storage in high humidity areas, a cotton motorcycle dust cover offers maximum breathability.

For indoor storage in high humidity areas, a cotton motorcycle dust cover offers maximum breathability.

One of the best ways to protect your motorcycle from humidity in the garage is to use a breathable motorcycle cover. Mold and mildew thrive in moist, humid conditions, and when humidity gets trapped under your motorcycle cover, it creates prime conditions for the growth of mold and mildew.

To prevent this, you need a cover with a good ventilation system that allows condensation to evaporate before it causes damage to your bike or cover.

Motorcycle covers vary in their level of breathability. The most breathable covers are cotton dust covers, which are designed for indoor storage only. Lightweight covers are not as breathable as cotton, but they provide protection from rain and moisture. Full storage covers that are waterproof must include a ventilation system in order to allow the cover to breathe.

The cover should be long enough to reach at least halfway down the wheels, but there should be a few inches, but there should be a few inches of space between the bottom of the cover and the ground. The extra space makes the cover more breathable.

After you wash your bike or ride in the rain, make sure the bike dries completely before installing the cover. For extra protection in areas with high humidity, you may want to consider using a desiccant to absorb moisture under the cover. If you store your cover in a humid garage, we recommend a cotton dust cover for maximum breathability.

March 31, 2010

Do I Need a Motorcycle Cover if I Store My Bike in the Garage?

Protect your bike from dust and dirt with a motorcycle dust cover.

Protect your bike from dust and dirt with a motorcycle dust cover.

If you store your motorcycle inside a garage or shed, you might not think it’s necessary to protect your bike with a cover. But if you want to keep your bike clean and ready to ride, you’ll at least want to protect it with a motorcycle dust cover, if not a more heavy duty storage cover.


You’d be surprised at how much dust and dirt becomes airborne every time the garage door opens and closes. That dust and dirt settles in hard-to-clean places on your bike. If you want to keep your motorcycle in the best condition possible, a simple dust cover can keep your bike looking sharp and ready to ride.

One of the benefits of a motorcycle dust cover is that it’s more breathable than a waterproof or water-resistant cover, so any moisture that gets underneath the cover can easily evaporate before it can cause damage to your bike.

Another advantage of covering your bike is to keep it hidden from prying eyes. A thief can spot your bike even in the short time it takes to open and close the garage door. Your bike is less likely to get stolen if it’s kept under cover.

March 16, 2010

Motorcycle Dust Cover – New from DuraShield Covers!

New! Motorcycle Dust Cover from DuraShield Covers

New! Motorcycle Dust Cover from DuraShield Covers

DuraShield Covers now offers a motorcycle dust cover for indoor storage and protection. This dust cover is available in three sizes to fit almost any bike.


The soft cotton material will not scratch your bike’s windshield or finish. It repels dust and dirt, and the breathable cotton material prevents moisture from building up underneath the cover.

The double-stitched seams ensure quality stitching that lasts. Integrated grommets and tie downs allow you to secure the cover in place or use a cable lock as desired.

The elastic bottom hem fits snugly around the bike for a secure fit. The cover is designed to accommodate bikes with windshields, fairings, sissy bars, and/or back rests.

As an added bonus, the cover includes a color-matched, zippered storage bag at no extra charge. Available in gray color only. Prices starting as low as $22.99! Get yours now!

December 15, 2009

Motorcycle Cover FAQs

How do I know which size cover will fit my motorcycle?

Use our motorcycle sizing chart to find the right cover for your bike’s make and model. If you have a custom motorcycle cover, contact our customer service (888-263-7028) to see if our covers will work for you.

How do I clean my motorcycle cover?

The safest way to clean our motorcycle covers is to hand wash them with mild soap and warm water. Use a soft brush or sponge to brush away excess dirt and gently clean the cover. Allow the cover to air dry completely before storage or use.

How waterproof are your motorcycle covers?

Our motorcycle covers are designed to repel water and “breathe,” meaning that any condensation or heat vapors that build up underneath the cover are allowed to escape through vents in the material. Keeping the cover clean and free of debris will allow the water repellant coating to work best.

I use my motorcycle cover on road trips. Which cover should I buy?

The DuraShield Travel Motorcycle Cover is great for road trips. It’s a lightweight, compact cover that easily stores on board and keeps your motorcycle clean, safe, and protected, whether overnight or just for a few hours. Use the integrated grommets and a cable lock for extra security. Just stuff the cover in the included mesh storage bag when you’re ready to head out again.

I use my motorcycle cover for storage. Which cover should I buy?

The DuraShield Lined Motorcycle Cover is a luxury cover that pampers your bike during storage. The cover material is thicker for added protection and longer-lasting durability. Plus it’s got a breathable vent system to prevent moisture damage, a heat resistant lower panel that lets you throw the cover over hot pipes, and a “pillow quilt” lining that cocoons your paint and windshield.

I store my motorcycle in the garage. Do I really need a motorcycle cover?

Yes. Dirt and dust are stirred up every time you open or close the garage door. Over time, that dirt and dust will build up on your bike. If you want to keep your bike clean and in prime condition, use a motorcycle cover to protect it from dirt and grime.

How long will my DuraShield motorcycle cover last?

Our motorcycle covers are built to last. They come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 5 year warranty. With the right care (cleaning the cover, keeping it clean, avoiding rips and tears, etc.), your cover will last even longer. Also, your particular climate affects how long the cover will last. The harsher conditions that you expose your cover to, the sooner it may need to be replaced.

July 21, 2009

What Makes a Good Motorcycle Storage Cover?

The material for your motorcycle storage cover is a huge factor in determining the quality of the cover. In order to pass the storage cover test, your motorcycle cover should include heavy duty material, heat shields, and a scratchproof lining.

Motorcycle Storage Cover with Heat Shields

Motorcycle Storage Cover with Heat Shields

Heavy Duty Material

If your motorcycle storage cover can’t stand up to the beating of wind, rain, and snow exposure, you’re going to end up replacing your cover every few years. Better to buy a durable cover up front than to buy cheap motorcycle covers and keep replacing them. You’ll save money in the long run and get better protection for your bike.


A heavyweight material or a double layer of material (soft lining covered by an outer protective shell) gives you the best protection. If the material is too thin, it will tear more easily and wear out faster. The outer shell is often made of polyester or a poly nylon blend.


Heat Shields

With heat shields, you can cover your motorcycle right away after riding. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to cover your bike later after it cools down. The lower portion of this type of cover is heat-resistant and won’t melt on hot pipes. Heavy duty polyester works well as a heat-resistant liner.


Scratchproof Lining

The inside lining of your motorcycle cover should be soft enough to protect the finish on your bike and windshield. A soft, scratchproof lining like 100% cotton will baby your bike through the winter months or just overnight. Some storage covers also come with extra-thick lining in the windshield panel for added protection.

July 7, 2009

How to Clean a Motorcycle Windshield

Keep the bugs from ruining your view with these motorcycle windshield cleaning tips.

The more scratches and bug guts that collect on your windshield, the harder it is to see…and the worse your motorcycle looks. Cleaning your windshield requires extra care, as plastic motorcycle windshields scratch much easier than the glass windshield in your vehicle. Be careful what you use to clean your windshield. If you continually use harsh products to clean your windshield, you’ll soon find yourself in need of a new windshield. With the right care, you can keep your windshield in top condition for the life of your bike.

One of the biggest pet peeves of any meticulous motorcycle owner is a windshield full of bug guts. Once they dry, bug carcasses are difficult to remove and can easily scratch your windshield if you try to scrape them off. The easiest way to clean bug guts off is to wipe off your windshield before they have time to dry. Easier said than done…especially when the bugs are flocking to your windshield.

Even after the guts harden, it’s still possible to remove them without damaging your windshield. The trick is to soak your windshield and soften the bug guts so that they wipe off easily. Soak a soft cloth in warm water with mild dish detergent and lay the cloth over the windshield for several minutes. Wipe away the bugs and dry the windshield with another cotton cloth.

Soft Lined Motorcycle CoverIf your windshield is already scratched, use a buffing compound to remove minor scratches. Make sure your motorcycle cover includes a soft lining to protect your windshield from scratches during storage. You can also prevent scratches with a polish that contains wax, such as Pledge. The polish acts as a protective buffer against scratches on your windshield. Before applying wax polish products to your windshield, check with your manufacturer to make sure it’s safe for your particular windshield.

March 3, 2009

Motorcycle Storage

Protect your motorcycle during long-term storage with a thorough wash and a motorcycle bike cover.

Washing your bike thoroughly is an important step in winterizing your motorcycle. Dirt and grime left on your motorcycle can damage the paint, chrome, and other surfaces during long-term storage.

Wash your motorcycle in a shady area. Exposure to direct sunlight can leave spots on your motorcycle as it dries. Use a mild cleaner or a specially formulated automotive cleaner. Alkaline or acidic cleaners can damage your bike’s finish. After washing, thoroughly rinse the bike and wheels with water. Dry the bike thoroughly to prevent streaks and spots.

A wax or sealant will also protect your motorcycle’s finish from damage caused by the elements. If your motorcycle needs a new coat of wax or sealant, you may want to think about applying a new coat to protect your bike and keep it looking new.

When it comes to protecting your bike, one of the most important accessories is a motorcycle cover. Make sure the motorcycle is completely dry before protecting it with a cruiser cover. Whether you are storing your motorcycle indoors or outdoors, your bike’s storage cover should be breathable. Trapped moisture can damage your bike, but a breathable motorcycle cover allows moisture to evaporate.

January 13, 2009

Protect Your Bike with a Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

A motorcycle cover protects your bike in two ways: 1) it guards against the damage that occurs from exposure to sun and weather, and 2) it works as a deterrent against thieves.

1.       Imagine your motorcycle without a cover:

The sun bakes your cherry finish into a washed-out red; condensation builds up, letting rust eat away your pipes and engine; and by the time motorcycle season rolls around again, your bike is buried beneath a blanket of dust.

Don’t let this be your bike! Protect your motorcycle’s finish and parts from harmful UV rays and harsh weather with a storage or travel motorcycle cover. Cheap plastic covers, tarps, and sheets trap condensation, creating a moist environment where rust thrives. Only the protection of a quality waterproof motorcycle cover will protect your bike from the sun’s rays, repel dust, and allow condensation to evaporate.

The inner lining of the cover should be soft enough to prevent scratching your finish. The outer cover should be durable and waterproof. A breathable material will allow moisture to evaporate rather than trapping condensation inside. Some covers, such as the DuraShield Lined Motorcycle Cover, come with a heat resistant lower panel, which prevents the cover from melting when it comes in contact with hot pipes.

2.       Your motorcycle is a valuable investment—one that you want to protect from being stolen. Travel and storage motorcycle covers serve as added protection against thieves by keeping your bike out of sight. Tie downs present another inconvenience for thieves, discouraging those who are out for an easy target. Attaching an anti-theft device through the grommets on your cover also provides extra protection against a stolen bike.

DuraShield Lined Motorcycle Cover

DuraShield Lined
Motorcycle Cover