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December 28, 2011

What Size Grill Cover Do I Need?

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Grill cover

Measure the length of your grill to find the right size cover.

Before purchasing a grill cover, measure your grill to find the right size cover. The better the cover fits, the better it will protect your grill.

Taking Measurements

Measure the length of the grill across the front, from the end of one tray to the end of the other tray. Measure the depth of the grill from front to back and the height of the grill from top to bottom.

The most important measurement is length. The grill cover should be slightly longer than the length of your grill for a snug fit.

Grill Cover Sizes

Classic Accessories grill covers are divided into sizes, from Medium to XX-Large. Medium grill covers are 58 inches long. Large covers are 64 or 65 inches. Extra large is 70 inches, and XX-large is 72 inches long.

The depth of the covers is 24 inches (28 inches for XXL), and the height of the covers is about 48 inches on average. Grill covers are not designed to cover the wheels or leg bottoms completely. In fact, a few extra inches at the bottom of the cover is a good thing, since it allows for air circulation under the cover.

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