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July 19, 2011

Motorcycle Covers and Strong Winds

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Motorcycle cover

The motorcycle cover should be tight enough to prevent excessive wind flapping.

In windy conditions, your motorcycle cover should be tied down tightly to prevent flapping in the wind. Excessive wind flapping can shred and destroy the cover and even damage the finish on your bike. Whenever possible, park your motorcycle in a sheltered area that provides at least some protection from the wind.

Fabric and Fit

The more snugly your motorcycle cover fits your bike, the less the cover will flap in the wind. Extra fabric can snap violently in strong winds. If the wind is strong enough, you’ll want to use more tie downs to secure the cover tightly to your motorcycle.

A heavier weight fabric performs better in windy conditions than a lightweight motorcycle cover. Air vents also help to prevent excessive lofting by allowing airflow underneath the cover.


Wind turbulence during towing is another problem. Make sure the motorcycle cover you use for travel is approved for towing. The cover must be snug and securely attached to the motorcycle. DuraShield motorcycle covers are not approved for towing on an open trailer. The wind flapping could easily rip apart the cover or damage your bike’s finish.

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