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May 3, 2011

Do I Need a Motorcycle Cover?

A motorcycle dust cover keeps dirt and dust off your bike.

A motorcycle dust cover keeps dirt and dust off your bike.

One of the questions we hear motorcycle riders ask is, “Why do I need a motorcycle cover if my bike is stored in the garage?”

If you keep your motorcycle outside, the reasons for a cover are more obvious: protection from rain, dew, dirt, dust, and other elements. But if your motorcycle is pampered enough to earn a spot in the garage or even in the house, you might think you can get by without a cover. But a motorcycle cover still serves an important purpose, even if you store your bike indoors.

Dust and Dirt Protection

After washing and waxing your bike, you’ll want to keep it clean with a motorcycle cover. Dust and dirt can build up on your bike if you don’t protect it. When the garage door opens and closes, it stirs up dust that will settle on your bike, so it’s especially important to keep your motorcycle covered in the garage. During winter storage, a motorcycle cover will keep your bike clean and ready to ride when spring comes again.

Moisture Protection and Humidity

The more humid the environment where you live is, the more breathable your motorcycle cover needs to be. The higher the humidity, the more moisture that builds up underneath the motorcycle cover. With a breathable indoor motorcycle cover (such as 100% cotton), the moisture can escape easily without causing rust or other damage. The cotton cover keeps dirt and dust off your bike but allows condensation to evaporate easily.

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