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May 26, 2010

How to Install a Pontoon Cover

Pontoon Boat Cover Installation Diagram

Pontoon Boat Cover Installation Diagram

One of the best ways to protect your investment in your pontoon is to shelter it from the elements with a pontoon cover. A cover is quick and easy to install, and it’s a small price to pay compared to the cost of repairs from sun damage, moisture damage, and other factors. Take a few minutes to properly install your pontoon cover, and you could save yourself a lot of time, money, and headaches down the road.


The following instructions are designed specifically for the DuraShield Pontoon Cover, but they apply universally to many other covers on the market. See your owners manual for more detailed instructions.

  1. Cover any sharp points or edges on the pontoon with a cloth or sponge to avoid rips or tears when the cover is strapped tightly across the pontoon.
  2. a
  3. Find the yellow label with arrows sewn into the hem of the cover that indicates “Front.” Drape the front of the cover over the bow. Then roll the cover back over the pontoon and pull down the sides.
  4. a

    Pontoon cover strap system

    Pontoon cover strap system

  5. Use tie down straps to secure the cover to the boat. Each tie down system works differently. The following instructions apply specifically to the DuraShield Pontoon Cover tie down system, which includes eight tie down straps with quick-release buckles.
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  7. Connect four straps (A) to the four lower buckles (C) on one side of the cover and run the straps underneath the trailer beam to the other side of the pontoon. Connect the other end of the straps into the lower buckles (C) on the other side of the cover.
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  9. Connect four straps (B) to the four upper buckles (D) on one side of the cover and run the straps over the top of the cover. Connect these straps to the upper buckles (D) on the other side of the cover.
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  11. After connecting all of the straps, cinch the straps down tight for a secure fit.

Be sure to use, tighten, and secure all straps and hooks when transporting your pontoon on a trailer or open vehicle. Failure to do this may cause the cover to blow off and cause injury to others. It may also result in damage to the cover.

After driving a short distance, stop and check to make sure the pontoon and cover are secure. Tighten the straps as needed. Continue to check the pontoon and cover at all rest stops along the way. We recommend the use of additional tie downs for high speed travel.

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