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October 6, 2009

How to Clean a Boat Cover

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Is your boat cover looking a little shabby? A dirty boat cover will deteriorate faster than it should, and it won’t provide the same level of protection as a clean boat cover.

Follow these step-by-step instructions for cleaning your boat cover:
Fishing boat cover

  1. Brush off excess dirt from your boat cover.
  2. Lay the boat cover out on the grass or driveway. (You can also wash the boat cover while it’s still on the boat.)
  3. Hose it down.
  4. Hand wash the boat cover with mild soap (such as liquid dish soap) and cold to lukewarm water. (NOTE: Using harsh detergents may cause the boat cover fabric to deteriorate faster than the average boat cover life.)
  5. Let the cleaning solution soak into the fabric.
  6. Scrub stains gently with a soft bristle brush.
  7. Rinse the boat cover thoroughly with clean water. Do not allow the boat cover to dry until all the soap is rinsed out of the fabric.
  8. For deeper cleaning, use a pressure washer, set at less than 200 psi (a higher psi can damage the fabric).
  9. Let the cover air dry completely before folding or storing it.

After a thorough cleaning, or after several years of use, your boat cover may require a fresh coat of water repellent and UV protectant. 303 High Tech Fabric Guard™ comes highly recommended for protecting marine boat covers.

Follow these step-by-step instructions for re-treating and protecting your boat cover.

  1. Only apply 303 Fabric Guard™ to a cover that is completely dry.
  2. Re-coat your boat cover in an area that is well ventilated and sheltered from the wind.
  3. Apply the fabric coating in a thin, even layer.
  4. Allow the boat cover to dry completely.
  5. Apply a second coating of Fabric Guard™. Two thin, even coatings of fabric protectant are more effective than a single heavy coating.

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