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August 4, 2009

How to Build a PVC Boat Cover Support Frame

Support your boat cover with a PVC frame.

A boat cover support prevents sagging.

A boat cover support prevents sagging.

Why Use a Boat Cover Support?

To keep water and snow from collecting on your boat cover, you will need to use some type of boat cover support. This support system will keep the cover from sagging and will prevent excess moisture buildup.


You can either purchase a ready-made boat cover support system, or you can make your own with materials from your local hardware store. Making your own boat cover support is fairly easy, and you can easily customize the fit for your boat.

Tips on Building Your Own Boat Cover Support

1 1/2 inch PVC pipe is a popular choice for a boat cover frame. It’s sturdier than one inch PVC pipe, so it’s less likely to break under the weight of snow and ice.

Use one long pipe from bow to stern and add several pipes as cross braces from side to side down the length of the boat. Arched PVC pipes can help prevent puddles from forming on your cover. Moisture will slide right off the boat cover and onto the ground.

Here’s another tip to protect your boat cover and boat: If the windshield or other edges are too sharp, cover them with padding, such as foam insulation tubes slit down the middle. This keeps your cover from tearing on sharp edges.


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